Trouble in Hyrule: Mario's Resolve



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JoeyScornic, DragonFlameKid, mistarells

Release Date

August 5, 2014

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Hidden Power Unleashed: A Fight to the Death!

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Trouble in Hyrule: Mario's Resolve is the twenty-first episode of Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice.

Video Synopsis Edit

Back in Hyrule, Sonic and Kirby face off against Dark Link in order to turn Link back to normal. Mario, wanting to find out how his strength compares to a powerful opponent, fights Ganondorf in the Gerudo Desert. Meanwhile, the aftermath of Masterells' death catches up to Jerrell, who must decide what to do not only with Masterells' corpse, but also with his future in terms of training. Will Mario and friends be able to stop their opponents? And will Jerrell overcome his guilt and decide his own fate?

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

OC (Original Character) Protagonists

  • Mario
  • Sonic
  • Kirby
  • Link
  • Midna
  • Luigi

FC (Fan Character) Protagonists

  • Danix
  • Scornic
  • Jerrell
  • Jo
  • Garunio
  • Shin
  • Deker
  • Digikoopa
  • MB

OC Antagonists

  • Dark Link
  • Ganondorf

FC Antagonists

  • Hedro
  • The Darkness of Evil

Major Events Edit

  • Jerrell decides to give Masterells a proper burial, but is soon interrupted by Hedro, who then attacks Jerrell to use Masterells' body in order to transform.
  • Mario finally meets The Darkness of Evil, who tells him that what he's doing to Luigi is nothing compared to what Mario has done to Luigi over the years.

Battles Edit

  • Sonic and Kirby vs. Dark Link
  • Mario vs. Ganondorf

Trivia Edit