Note: This page is about the reboot of the first season of Sprite Chronicles. For the page about the original, but non-canon version, click here.

Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light, abbreviated as SCDL and also known simply as Darkness and Light, is the first season of Sprite Chronicles. It is a three-part mini-series that takes place from April 8, 2010 to April 15, 2010.

Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light
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Other Names

SCDL, Sprite Chronicles Season 1, Darkness and Light


January 2, 2017 - present




BetaKatana (dreamerofchaos1)


danixdp213, JoeyScornic (Act 1), mistarells, DragonFlameKid (GarunioX)


The first and second act are loosely based on the plot of the original Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light. Mario and Sonic discover that they have become the new vessels of an ancient prophecy and must team up with two teams of fan characters to collect the materials needed to save their worlds.

The third act will be loosely based on the plot of Sprite Chronicles the Movie: The Negative World.


Unlike Fire and Ice and Time and Space, Darkness and Light will only have three episodes, which will be labeled as acts.


Note: For the videos, the opening and ending consist of scenes made exclusively for them.

The song used for the opening is Carrera Juvenil by Doblecero, Metrayeta94, and Alter Bandai (Jexhua), all of whom are from Proyecto Naruto Covers. Their song is a cover of Seishun Kyousoukyoku by Sambomaster, which was used for the openings for the original version of Darkness and Light.

The song used for the ending is Judee Zee's cover of Azayak na Tabiji, which was originally created by Megumi Mori. Unlike the endings in Fire and Ice, this ending begins after the final scene transitions to it instead of after the transition of fading out to/fading in from black.

Differences from Original


  • This season has the shortest amount of episodes.
  • This is the only season where a narrator is present.
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