Sprite Chronicles is a series created by DanielXsnm. It is known for having both video game characters and fan characters.


The director got the idea for Sprite Chronicles after watching a sprite series on Youtube. He decided to make a series with fan characters. After watching Super Mario Bros Z, a popular sprite series created by Alvin Earthworm, the director then decided to also add video game characters.

Season 1Edit

Season 1 is Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light. It was about Mario and Sonic teaming up with fan characters to save all the video game universes. The series itself also showed how much experience the director gained ever since episode 1.

Season 2Edit

After seeing that Season 1 was a success with barely any negative comments, the director decided to make a 2nd season. The first episode was supposed to premeire in August, but it was delayed due to the movie still being made. Season 2 is set to premeire in September.


After Season 1 was finished, the director decided to make a movie. During July and August, Sprite Chronicles the Movie: The Negative World was made and uploaded. The movie took place after Season 1 and it is canon to the series.