Shadow Android is an antagonist in the series. Hedro's Shadow Android was a minor antagonist in Season 1. Dr. Eggman's Shadow Android is a recurring antagonist in Season 2.

Shadow Android


Shadow Android




Season 1 - Hedro; Season 2 - Metal Sonic, Gemerl, E-102 Gamma


Season 1 - Danix, Hero Fan Characters; Season 2 - Shadow, Shadow's allies

Appears in

Season 1, Season 2

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First Appearance

Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light Episode 10

History/Background Information

Dr. Eggman's Shadow Android: See Article: Shadow Android

Hedro's Shadow Android: This Shadow Android was created by Hedro some time after Hedro possessed Jerrell. When he was created, he told Hedro that he would do anything in his command. Shadow Android's mission was to kill one of the fan characters (which ended up to be Danix). Shadow Android was told not to kill one of them right away since it wasn't the right time yet. He watched as some of the villians were defeated by Mario and Sonic (Petey, Mephiles, Bowser, and Dark Bowser). When Hedro gathered the rest of the villians, including Shadow Android, he told Metal Sonic and Mecha Sonic to kill Mario and Sonic, while Metal Knuckles, as well as Shadow Android, had to kill one of the fan characters. Shadow Android watched Danix's previous battles so he decided that he wanted to face him instead. Before it was time for Shadow Android to leave, he realized that he wasn't fully tested, but he didn't want to disappoint Hedro. He faced Danix in a one-on-one battle; however, he was defeated and was then banished by Nazo.


Shadow Android is somewhat of an underdeveloped character. He is practically emotionless, though he has expressed anger and fear on rare occasions. He respects Metal Sonic, Gemerl, and Gamma and hates Dr. Eggman. He also hates Shadow, but it is shown that Android fears him because of how powerful Shadow can be when he is angry.


Shadow Android seems to have all the physical capability of Shadow and, compared to Eggman's Egg Pawns, can take a lot of damage, being resistant to punches and kicks. He can fire tracer missiles from his hands and defend himself from physical attacks by jumping and mimicking the homing attack.

Season 1

Note: The Shadow Android in Season 1 is created by Hedro.

Season 2

Note: The Shadow Android in Season 2 is created by Dr. Eggman, meaning that he is not the same one from Season 1.


  • Shadow Android is the only recurring villain who wasn't in Season 1 as himself, meaning that he wasn't the actual Shadow Android from Season 1.
  • It is unknown what happened to Hedro's Shadow Android.
  • Eggman's Shadow Android has been destroyed by Shadow. It is currently unknown what will happen regarding its position in Metal Sonic's team.
  • Shadow Android is the first recurring villain to die in Season 2, along with the whole series.
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