Queen Dedede was a fan character in the series, being an antagonist in Season 2. She was the arch-enemy of Jordan and a member of the Organization.

Queen Dedede


Queen Dedede




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Jordan, Aaron, King Dedede

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Season 2

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Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice Episode 3

History/Background InformationEdit

Not much is known about Queen Dedede's past, but one day, she kidnaps Aaron and his siblings, but was stopped by Jordan.

While Jordan was busy in Season 1, Queen Dedede began plotting her revenge after her many defeats by Jordan (and Aaron).

After Season 1, when Jordan and Aaron were reunited, she convinced them to get the cursed armor of Meta-Knight. Unknown to them, she knew about the curse and her plan was to seperate Jordan and Aaron and then destory them (mainly Jordan). But after Aaron disappeared (with the armor on him) and Jordan tried helping Sonic with his depression (though Jordan didn't succeed), Queen Dedede decided to help the fan character villans but only to destroy Jordan. She is later killed by Shroobic after talking with him and Hedro.


Queen Dedede acts a lot like King Dedede, only more mean and evil.


Queen Dedede has the same abilities as King Dedede, though she claims that she's stronger than him.

Season 2Edit

Dream Land ArcEdit

In Dream Land, Queen Dedede is confronting Aaron about him stealing an Ice Shine from her. After a heated conversation/argument, the two get ready to battle each other and they immediately hit each other with their weapons.


  • Jordan and Queen Dedede's unfriendly rivalry (being pure enemies) is somewhat similar to Kirby and King Dedede's. The only difference is that King Dedede can choose to help Kirby, depending on the situation.
  • Queen Dedede is the only female fan character villain, along with being the only female member of the Organization.
  • According to Aaron, Queen Dedede relies on brute strength instead of strategy and that most of the Organization hate her.
  • It is unknown if she lived in Dream Land. It is likely because she's a queen and is the ex-wife of King Dedede, though the latter has been unproven, considering that King Dedede never mentioned her.
  • She is one of the first villain fan characters to appear in person, the other being Aaron when he was possessed.
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