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Mokasu's Warrior is a series that mistarells made. It started on January 2nd 2014 and finished on August 20th 2014.

Plot Edit

Jerrell's story begins as he continues to be a badass hedgehog and not sense Hedro anywhere. Until Hedro's plan comes together as he forms his own alliance. The battle between Jerrell and Hedro has only just begun.

Episodes Edit

There are 8 episodes in total.

Intro and Outro Edit

Both the intro and outro were uploaded on YouTube. The director used Never Lose Myself, which is Black Star's theme from Soul Eater. The outro was an instrumental opening version of DragonBall Z - Burst Limit. However, for special occasions, the outro was changed into an American opening version of DragonBall Z - Burst Limit.

Improvements/Changes Edit

As each episode progressed, the animation slowly got better each time.

  • Time minutes - Starting in Episode 1, the episodes were longer than the other each time. Which was done on purpose.
  • Battles - Starting in Episode 7, the director used Flash to make his battle and progressed onto the next episode.
  • Tones - There were rarely any comedic tones in the series and was mostly serious.
  • Screen time - Even though the series was mainly about Jerrell and Hedro, it didn't entirely focus on them.

Trivia Edit

  • Episode 8 is the longest episode in the series.
  • Originally, there were supposed to be 10 episodes, but the director scrapped the idea.
  • Hedro was voiced by Saix from Kingdom Hearts 2 and Xemnas(mostly for laugh) from Kingdom Hearts 2.
  • Jerrell was voiced by Vegeta.
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