Meta Knight is a guest character in Season 2. He appears in as a protagonist.

Meta Knight
Meta Knight, rival of Kirby


Meta Knight




Kirby, Meta Knight's army


King Dedede, Kirby (sometimes), Galacta Knight

Appears in

Season 2

Created by

Masahiro Sakurai (Nintendo)

First Appearance

Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice Episode 3

History/Background InformationEdit

See Article: Meta Knight


Meta Knight has a mysterious nature, so his intentions are often unknown. He fights with honor and wishes to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy (in Kirby's universe). His relationship with Kirby ranges from bitter rival to dedicated ally, depending on the situation. Meta Knight wishes to defeat Galacta Knight in order to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy.


Dimensional Cape: The Dimensional Cape allows Meta Knight to transcend space itself by wrapping himself inside it and teleporting away. Its most commonly used function is transforming into a pair of bat-like wings which grant Meta Knight flight and gliding capabilities.

Galaxia: Galaxia is Meta Knight's sword and it is capable of not only standard sword moves such as stabbing and parrying, but also shooting out sword beams. Meta Knight is also a skilled swordsman.

Season 2Edit

Dream Land ArcEdit

Meta Knight is seen following Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Tails, and Yoshi as they fly toward King Dedede's Castle. Later, he appears in front of Kirby in King Dedede's arena, telling him that an old enemy has returned. He then tells the group that he'll explain about the enemy when they board the Halberd and he relunctantly lets King Dedede come with them. On the Halberd, Meta Knight tells Mario, Sonic, Tails, and Yoshi about Galacta Knight and King Dedede's nature. After Tails tells the group that the Fire Shine is heading towards them, Meta Knight tells them to stay in the room while he gets Kirby and Dedede to assist him. On the Halberd's main deck, Meta Knight, Kirby, and Dedede confront Galacta Knight. After he tells them that he'll give them the Fire Shine if one of them defeats him in a duel, Kirby and Dedede leave in order to finish their eating contest. Meta Knight and Galacta Knight then briefly fight each other, only to be interrupted by Sonic attacking Galacta Knight. Meta Knight tries to convince Sonic to leave, saying that he won't stand a chance against Galacta Knight. Sonic refuses to leave, explaining that he wants to fight Galacta Knight by himself. Meta Knight relunctantly agrees to let Sonic fight and leaves.


  • Meta Knight's appearance at the end of Season 2 Episode 3 reflects on how his motives in the Kirby series are unknown at first.
  • It is unlikely that Meta Knight will interact with the fan characters, considering that he has no real reason to.
  • Meta Knight seems to rely on logic and knowledge when advising others, seeing as how he tried to convince Sonic that only a good swordsman can defeat Galacta Knight, without knowing that Sonic has used a sword before.