Masterbrawler is a fan character in the series. He's a protagonist in Seasons 1 and 2. Masterbrawler is often referred to as “MB”







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Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light Episode 14

History/Background InformationEdit

Masterbrawler was born in a very distant planet, apparently named LOL Kingdom, but one day space pirates arrived to his planet and blasted his planet to death. It is apparently known that he was the prince of his planet and is most likely the last survivor of his race. Masterbrawler is the most random guy that looks like Mario. Apparently Masterbrawler thinks that he owns LOL Land (which is an amusement park) and goes on a lot of rides everyday without paying (mostly because he thinks he owns it). When he FINALLY gets bored, he jumps into the air with his hammer and comes down and sees Dark Chaos and Razor fighting Tunami. He jumps out of nowhere and hits Tunami with his hammer. He then decides to help Dark Chaos and Razor save the world. Masterbrawler is apparently hated by Masterells and Scornic since they think he is stupid. Sergio is the only one that Masterbrawler considers as a friend.


He is a calm guy, loves to play games most of the time, loves to say lol every 5 seconds even when something isn't funny at all, loves to mess around with the guys, and barely acts serious.


LOL Powers: Although not a real power, Masterbrawler states that he has it.

Pyrokinesis: Master Brawler is able to manipulate and create fire like Mario. Though likely to a weaker extent.

Hammer: Like Mario, Masterbrawler wields a hammer and can use it to deflect projectiles and whack people. Though again, to a weaker extent as he is less experienced and skilled than Mario.

Season 1Edit

Season 2 Edit


  • Masterbrawler is often called MB by the other hero fan characters.
  • It is confirmed that Masterells, Scornic, and Mario (as implied in Season 1 Episode 18) hate Masterbrawler.
  • Masterbrawler was the comic relief for Season 1, being rivaled by Frostxforest and his random comments.
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