This movie is created by mistarells and is currently in production. Kyumako’s Vengeance takes place 1 year after the events of Mokasu's Warrior.

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Plot Edit

Being on the path of vengeance, Kyumako wants to change the world for the greater good by using the dark orbs to gain the power of a God. He will kill anyone who gets in his way of accomplishing his goal. His teammates, Jin, Siro, and Seldom have all agreed to help him. However, Kyumako's mindset is that he feels what he is doing is right, but is actually wrong. Will our heroes, Danix, Scornic, and Garunio stop him? Will Kyumako finally meet face to face with his younger brother: Jerrell?

Main Cast   Edit

  • Jerrell Reid
  • Kyumako Reid
  • Nero Anderson
  • Danix Mason
  • Jin Kuraiken
  • Scornic Harper
  • Siro Kuro
  • Garunio Koutso
  • Seldom Blood

Guest Characters Edit

  • Tyusi
  • Jo
  • Deker
  • Nigredo
  • Arashi
  • Digikoopa
  • Ace
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Battles Edit

Arashi v nero
Scornic v siro 2
Arashi v nero 2
Scornic v siro
Jerrell kyu
Danix jin pic
Danix v kyu
Jerrell danix kyu jin pic
Garunio vs siro scornic nero pic
Jerrell danix kyu jin pic part 2
Danix jin pic 2
Danix and scornic tag battle

Part 1 Edit

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 1

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 1

Part 2 Edit

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 2

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 2

Part 3 Edit

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 3

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 3

Part 4 Edit

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 4

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 4

Part 5 Edit

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 5

Kyumako's Vengeance Part 5

The Unknown Character *comic* Edit

This comic was a short but simplistic one that only had 3 chapters. An unknown character returned from the dead didn't know who he was until he saw Deker. Deker trained him for a week until the unknown character started remembering memories of his past, in which it is soon revealed that Shin is the unknown character. After his completed training, Shin is assigned a mission by Deker to search for Zeno so the two of them can help the heroes out. Shin is determined to start a new life with a new purpose by being a survivor.

The Survival Of Zeno *comic* Edit

This comic is about how Zeno was able to survive prior to the movie. The last time he appeared, he was killed by Seldom in the previous series, Mokasu's Warrior. Though things are not what they appear, and that will come into play in this comic.

  • Chapter 1 - Searching for Seldom
  • Chapter 2 - The Mysterious Person Revealed
  • Chapter 3 - Shin's Return
  • Chapter 4 - The Time Has Come
  • Chapter 5 - Executing The Plan

Jin's mass murdering *During last year* Edit

"The blood peers down on a diseased world… There is no cure for the disease after I killed and slaughter Lord Aizen, an entire race walks mindlessly into death. Even a man of colossal power named Garunio, would be able to prevent the inevitable. But I don’t believe in god. There’s no proof that I EXIST from the Hollows. In a world where there isn’t even proof of the future, the past exists. Even if it’s tainted with misunderstandings and delusions like Danix, if the people themselves believe in it, the past is the truth to them. And, if you base your actions or your life around it Seldom, in a way, it’s a type of god itself. Whether you choose to Live or Die. Only one thing is equal for all, and that is death." - Jin

Seldom's time alone *During last year* Edit

"They all think I'm dead, good! Gives me a chance to TRAIN and brush up on some of my newly acquired skills.  Those heroes won't even know what hit them when they see me! I don't give a damn what my so-called "comrades" I work with think they'll do, Danix, Scornic, and ESPECIALLY Garunio, will all die by MY HANDS!! And MY HANDS ALONE!!! Even if I have to stamp out my co-workers! You better watch yourself Siro, and you as well Jin! If I have to kill you, too, then SO BE IT!!! Once I adjust, and the time is right, they will all feel the wrath of Seldom Blood!! Even if I die, one thing is for sure! I'm Not Going To Hell All By Myself!! I'M TAKING YOU ALL WITH ME!!!!" - Seldom

Siro's observations *During last year* Edit

Reconnaissance LOG Entry 52

"Over the past year, I have observed the heroes Scornic, Danix, and Garunio. They have all spent the year participating in their own respective activities. Scornic has been trying to tap into his newly acquired Neo powers but has been making sloppy progress due to the absence of a mentor. Danix has been fulfilling his duties as a mercenary and has been spoiled by the ease of his work, he has not grown much stronger over the time I have observed him. Garunio, on the other hand, has been training relentlessly, it is probable that he is doing this to prepare for his fight with Zeno's killer. Garunio has increased his strength substantially but has let his aggression and rage fuel his training SESSIONS, his performance in a fight is questionable due to his current instability. The 3 of them have not become much more of a threat than they were the year before, which means I probably won't have to get my hands dirty to go DEAL with them. I have no interest in quarreling with that bunch nor would it help me to fulfill my true motives. 

Although I was only intending to perform an analysis on the heroes I have decided to do a little research on and Jin are powerful, they are ruthless and have their objective in mind at all times. But this is as much of a weakness as it is a strength. It has become apparent to me that it is very improbable that Seldom and Jin are working with Kyumako out of sheer loyalty....they have other motives. Even if things get out of control with those two I am prepared to deal with them. They are strong but they have weaknesses that I am ready to exploit. 

On a final note, I have detected an aura that I am not yet familiar with. It never seems to be moving towards a designated destination. It's as if this stranger is looking for someone. No matter, I will CONTINUE to observe and dig up intel while I continue to strengthen myself along with my co-workers. No matter what happens I will be ready at a moments notice to suppress the insolent." - Siro

Jerrell's unconsciousness *during the whole year* Edit

Jerrell made a difficult decision that could've got him killed in his battle with Hedro. Using a technique that Deker forbid him to use, Jerrell attempted to explode himself along with Hedro. During the struggle, Jerrell was talking with Tyusi about if he was to survive this, that he would be unconscious and Tyusi would be alive for the time being. He told Tyusi to find Danix so he can kill him since it was the only way that Jerrell could be conscious again. Shocking as this was to Tyusi, he agreed. Just as the two finished talking, Jerrell told Hedro his final words to him: "You lose." An explosion came that sent Jerrell flying away as the rain started to pour down. As he was lying unconscious with blood on him, Tyusi was brought back alive and decided to take Jerrell somewhere safe. As Jerrell was unconscious, he was inside his own mind with nothing but darkness surrounding him. He didn't know whether he was actually dead or not as he was starting to panic. Memories were soon shown to him of Hedro killing his parents and Jerrell quickly got angry to attack "Hedro".

Though, he and everything else vanished as Jerrell was stuck with darkness once again. Not long after that, memories were shown to Jerrell of him always being self-righteous to his friends and thinking about himself. Jerrell grew tired of these memories and just wanted to end it all by ridding of himself from existence. He had no regrets for what he did or the type of person he became, he just wanted it to be over with. That's when a dark aura started to surround Jerrell as his frustration was growing. All his feelings towards his friends soon vanished and his hatred over Hedro was gone. The only thing Jerrell wanted to feel was to kill; Kill anyone who deserves to die. These words are something Kyumako has said in order to justify his actions. But as Jerrell was getting this feeling, he was also having this feeling of satisfaction. Though, all of that soon vanished once he woke up during Part 2 of Kyumako's Vengeance.

Deker Tsuki: The Man Who Created The Dark Orbs Edit

Nero Anderson's Backstory for the movie Edit

Nero Anderson
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Jerrell, Danix


Arashi, Kyumako

Appears in

Mokasu's Warrior, Kyumako's Vengeance

Created by


Nero was born in the northern side Uchiha hideout of a small village. At the age of 8, his home was destroyed and many lives were lost. His older brother, Ace Uchiha, took him away from all the chaos. Sadly, a masked man found him and Nero, the masked man also was the one that destroyed their home. Knowing that, Nero was still young, he told him to run and don't look back. While the two brothers were yelling at each other, the masked man attacked him. Ace used his mangekyō Sharingan on Nero to teleport him away from the battle. Three weeks then passed and Nero was lost in a forest... Until he saw Ace with his own eyes and started running towards him. But Ace teleported away, leaving Nero with a note that said: "Sorry Nero, I have to go work for the government, I'm not sure when I'll come back, but I'll try to make visits." Nero became angry and tore the note up.

Not long after that, four ninjas showed up and surrounded Nero. As they were about to charge at him, a red hedgehog appeared and fought the four of them at the same time. They were quickly defeated and Nero's eyes grew with joy. He had to ask him who he was and the red hedgehog said "Jerrell the Badass hedgehog!". Nero hugged him and said thank you, but Jerrell brushed him off and told him not to touch him. Jerrell advised Nero that if he plans on being by himself, he should be able to take care of himself. Nero wanted to go with him so he could train him, but Jerrell told him that he himself is not a master, and he doesn't take anybody he doesn't know with him. Jerrell told him that Nero's first priority is to train himself, and never trust anyone he comes across with. He took those words with pride and Jerrell soon teleported away. Nero then decided that he would do everything in his power to become Jerrell's student, even if it ends up killing him. So Nero decided to stay in the forest to become familiar with his surroundings for a year.

At the age of 9, Nero became friends with a lot of animals and got used to the environment. He then saw smoke from afar and decided to go towards it. It turned out that a small village was on fire and Nero quickly decided to save as many lives as he could. He was angry at himself for not being able to save everyone and was only able to save half of the villagers. Though, an old woman came up to him and thanked him for doing his best even if he couldn't save everyone in time. She offered him to stay here with the rest of the villagers and also help out repair the damage that's been done. Nero asked what had happened that caused the village to be on fire, and the old woman said that a bunch of ninjas came and attacked them for no reason. Nero quickly smirked because he finally had a chance to prove himself that he can beat ninjas on his own. Nero decided to stay in the small village for a year and turned 10.

He and the villagers were able to salvage what was left there while he kept training each day. One day, Nero decided to find something to eat. There, he saw Ace with his own eyes after two years of disappearance. Nero didn't bother to look at Ace and crossed his arms while Ace was telling him what he has been doing. Ace also complimented on how different Nero has become. Nero then scoffed and told Ace that he will be a better person than he ever could. As Nero was running past him, Ace grabbed him on his arm to tell him he's sorry. But Nero shrugged him off and ran off to find food. The next day, Nero wanted to say goodbye to the villagers so he could move on to his next destination. Nero grabbed a stick so he could climb up a mountain as part of his own training. It took days before Nero could make it up and it even got colder as he was climbing. He was only halfway there and got exhausted since he had nothing to keep him warm. The only thing he could think of at that point was becoming Jerrell's student, so that motivated him to keep climbing.

He managed to find a small cave and stayed in there to rest. He learned how to make a handmade clothing and was ready to continue climbing in the next couple of days. As he almost reached the top, he saw someone climbing as well. This made Nero determined to beat him to the top first. Both reached the top at the same time as Nero was breathing hard. The other person he was racing against was Arashi. The two got to know each other. He was explaining to Arashi how he doesn't trust anybody and Arashi responded with silence. A year passed by as Nero turned 11 and visited Arashi many times and even fought him. He even continued to help out other small villages, but that's when the rumor started spreading. The rumor of a red hedgehog causing trouble for no apparent reason other than satisfying his own selfish desires.

Nero asked one of the villagers who the person's name was, and they said, Jerrell. He couldn't believe it: The person he wants to be trained by is actually not a good person. Though, Nero started remembering what Jerrell had said to him 3 years ago: "Never trust anyone you come across with." That may have even meant him, but it was clear to Nero that whether Jerrell was actually a good person or not, he still saved him when he was helpless. So it made Nero's mission to find Jerrell an even more top priority. Another year passed as Nero turned 12. He was still determined to find Jerrell and finally made his on-screen appearance at the ending of Mokasu's Warrior Episode 8. One last year passes as Nero continues searching for Jerrell in the current movie, Kyumako's Vengeance. Nero is now 13 and is ready to fight anyone who wants to get in his way.

Kyumako Reid's bio Edit

Kyumako Reid
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Jin, Seldom, Siro



Appears in

Mokasu's Warrior, Kyumako's Vengeance

Created by


Kyumako was born on Mokasu during the time Hedro ruled over it. He is the older brother of Jerrell and is 10 years older than him. Much like Jerrell, Kyumako's father Kyota never really paid any attention to him due to his self -righteousness. Kyumako was a very silent son and really only spoke when he had to as years went on. He always wore sandals instead of shoes because he wanted to be different from his parents. When he turned 7, he was forced to come with his parents to a secret a hideout so he wouldn't be left alone in the house. There, they met Kyoto's "men" to plot against Hedro's ruling. After the meeting was over, Hedro's soldiers immediately came in and killed all of Kyota's men except him, his wife, and Kyumako. Kyumako panicked in fear as the soldiers were pointing guns at them, he quickly grabbed Kyota's knife and stabbed all of the soldiers by himself. Kyota was shocked at what his son did and told him to never do that again. He decided to train Kyumako so that he can learn to control his anger. Each day when he was training Kyumako, Kyumako started talking more, but it wasn't the words his father was expecting. Kyumako was wondering why people die on this planet and started questioning him that it's not fair. Kyota dodged the question and basically told him to not worry about it.

3 years later when Kyumako turned 10, Jerrell was born. Kyumako never wanted to see his younger brother because he didn't want him to experience death the same way he did. One night, while his parents weren't around in the house, Kyumako had a knife in his hand so he can stab Jerrell quickly and silently. As he was about to, Kyota came in and took the knife away from him. Kyumako was quickly angered and explained to him that he just doesn't like that they have to be treated like pawns for evil men like Hedro. He wanted to change this planet so it can be cured, not suffer in it. Kyota punched Kyumako in the face and told him that he's delusional. Kyumako was upset, but he believed that if he did kill Jerrell, it would be for the greater good of this planet. In fact, in his mind, he thinks by killing him, he would actually be saving him. As mysterious as Kyumako was, he shook his head to his father and went outside.

He then saw Deker, who was disappointed in what Kyumako did. Deker told him to not make any mistakes like that again because viewing the world like that is only gonna cause him more pain. Kyumako was questioning him who he was and Deker never told him his name. He just gave him an advice and told him to not be like Hedro. Then Deker disappeared and Kyumako was screaming at the top of his lungs that he would be better than a guy like Hedro. Kyota heard his screaming from outside and Kyumako turned around with a smile saying that he's gonna change the world whether they liked it or not, and he wanted to show proof of that by going to a different planet that doesn't have as much suffering as Mokasu did. Before he ran away from home, he went back inside and took a red visor that his father always kept and put it on for himself. When he left, he was walking in the streets as Hedro's soldiers were patrolling the areas while houses were locked. He looked at Hedro's building far ahead and walked towards it. As he got there, he noticed a spaceship right next to it and decided to steal it for himself to get out of Mokasu. For some reason, it already had coordinates to Earth and viewed different fan characters in it.

The spaceship was designed as an exit route for Hedro to escape in case of an emergency. Kyumako was all set and left Mokasu without looking back. The soldiers, as well as Hedro, looked up and the soldiers shot multiple gunfires at the spaceship as it was flying away. As he came to Earth, the controls were getting out of control and he landed really hard. Kyumako decided to use this spaceship as a way to search people who could possibly have the same suffering that he did, but he knew it would take some time, maybe even years(which it did). 10 years later, he hid in the shadows most of the time and still managed to use the spaceship. He even stayed in small villages that needed help. He was able to help the poor and managed to shelter with them a couple of times. He decided to train himself almost every day and even walked in the streets with his hood on and saw a couple of stores that had to do with martial arts. He went inside and was thrilled at what he saw. He trained in there most of his time.

Each day he got better as a martial artist and even fought and defeated the martial arts teachers. Kyumako then asked them if they wanted to join him to change the world. And as it would appear, the teachers laughed at him for asking a question like that. Kyumako felt offended because he didn't understand what was so funny and they thought he wasn't serious. He then decided to kill them out of anger. As mysterious as Kyumako was, he wanted to change his appearance so that he wouldn't have to be reminded of his past. He went to some ruins where he found two dark orbs. Although he was curious about them, he went inside first to see if there was anybody there. An old man (who was later revealed as Deker in Part 5) with a robe and coverings on his face appeared in front of Kyumako. The one who supposedly died from the usage of 10 dark orbs as legend says, was alive in front of him and explained to Kyumako about the legend of it.

Kyumako was getting more curious about the dark orbs as the old man was explaining it to him. The old man told him why using the dark orbs would make anybody crazy with power, and that's why he ended up in a ruins for so many years. Kyumako's eyes grew with excitement as he felt there was still hope for this planet. He asked the old man if he could have the two dark orbs, and he quickly told him no. Kyumako then got angry and told him that he wouldn't get crazy with the dark orbs because he's not weak. The old man told him that it doesn't matter how strong he may think he is, that much power can corrupt just about anybody. Kyumako decided to kill him and grabbed the two dark orbs that were already outside and was able to change his appearance. Without Kyumako's knowledge at the time, Deker's body disappeared, as if he was never there. Kyumako's ideal of being a hero by changing the world soon became different as his mindset became darker, as well as his appearance. It would seem his mission of finding people who suffered as he did in the past would go away. Not until a few months later when he went back to the spaceship to see if there were any fan characters he was interested in.

Kyumako viewed Seldom first, who was destroying cities out of his anger and the data showed why he did. Kyumako was amused and decided to go to him himself. The only thing Seldom could think about was killing. His rage was so filled up due to the fact that he lost everyone he cared about. Kyumako sympathized with him and understood how he felt. He explained to him how he viewed the world as it is and told him to join him. He told him to use that anger for a greater cause. He then taught Seldom how to keep himself in check and when the time comes, he can release the monster that is inside of him. The next person he viewed was Siro, who was angered at the fact that his sister got killed, Kyumako was able to help him realize that there can be a way to make Earth a better place without any suffering. Siro questioned Kyumako as to how he would be able to do that. He told Siro that with his help, he can make their dream become a reality. Kyumako also wanted Siro to be his eyes and ears to everything that goes on that may be beneficial to them. Siro agreed and decided to join him. The last one was Jin, who became very lethal and killed anyone who got in his way. Jin felt lost and didn't know what kind of person he should be, but Kyumako encouraged him to keep this side of him, but also keep another side where he can control himself. Jin looked into Kyumako's eyes and knew that he was genuinely trying to help him. So Jin decided to let Kyumako teach him and soon followed him, along with Siro and Seldom.

They went to his spaceship to view other fan characters out there and even listened to most of them, in which included his own brother Jerrell. Kyumako got every detail he needed to know about each selected fan character he specifically chose. But, he wanted to be sure so he had 3 of them become friends with them. He also explained the 3 of them about the legend behind the dark orbs and wanted to make finding the remaining six their top priority once their cover would be blown. Siro has heard about the dark orbs himself and also told Kyumako that the dark orbs won't surface in Earth in the next 7 years. So, 7 years went by and Kyumako was informed of Jerrell's personality and what happened with him and Hedro back on Mokasu in the data of his spaceship. Shocking as it was to know that his parents were dead, Kyumako was rather amused at the fact that they died because he feels they deserved to suffer in Mokasu and knew that something like this would happen to Jerrell. Although he feels sorry for what Jerrell had to go through, he still doesn't really care for him because of his self -righteousness mindset and not trying to change the world to make it better.

Kyumako was informed about Hedro and what he did, and although he wanted to kill him himself, he wanted to buy his time and see how things play out between Jerrell and Hedro. He then had an idea and informed Seldom, Siro, and Jin. He wanted to play an act by having three of them disappear unexpectedly in front of their friends as if they were captured. During the events in Mokasu's Warrior, Kyumako watched as everything was planned out and even saw Jerrell's "brother" Shin get killed by Hedro. It was about time for Kyumako to leave the spaceship and destroy it as he went somewhere underground. After the battle between Jerrell and Hedro was over, Kyumako was ready to execute his plan after all of these years and change the world for the greater good. He wants to prove all of those who doubted him in the past wrong, including Deker. He wants to prove that he will become a God and will save people in Earth from suffering. Following the events in Part 1, Kyumako claimed that the last time he saw Deker was 18 years ago, but his overconfidence in his plan made him forget that really the last time he saw Deker was in the ruins where he "killed" him.

The respective voices for... Edit

  • Jerrell Reid is voiced by Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue.
  • Kyumako Reid is voiced by Super Buu from DBZ.
  • Nero Anderson is voiced by Teen Gohan from DBZ.
  • Danix Mason is voiced by both Deadpool from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Hwoarang from Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • Scornic Harper is voiced by Spiderman from Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Garunio Koutso is voiced by DragonFlameKid.
  • Seldom Blood is voiced by Akuma from Street Fighter.
  • Jin Kuraiken is voiced by Jin Kazama from Tekken.
  • Siro Kuro is voiced by Regal from Tales of Symphonia.

Trivia Edit

  • Part 1 is currently the longest part of the movie.
  • The only person who knows Kyumako is Jerrell's brother is currently Deker.
  • It is explained in part 1 that Jerrell could've been conscious again earlier in the past year due to his plan of having Danix be the one to kill Tyusi, but because Tyusi was only going to be alive for a brief moment, he (Tyusi) decided to just lay low and train for the whole year.
  • Kyumako's clothes are inspired by the video game called Bushido Blade 2.
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