Hichigo is a fan character in the series. She is set to appear in Season 2.

Hichigo the Substitute Soulreaper


Hichigo the Substitute Soulreaper




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History/Background InformationEdit

Hichigo is a periwinkle fox born on Neoxys, but she is from some point in the future. Her parents where killed on the day after she was born due to an exploision, causing her to be adopted and raised by wolves. She learned how to fight and make potions, but because she's a jinchuriki, she never learned how to control her emotions and eventually started hiding them. When she was 6, she ran away and, out of anger for reasons currently unknown, she broke her tails by smashing them into a tree. When she was 9 she returned home, but when she was 11, she somehow traveled back in time, right to the year before Danix and Scornic entered the Ninja Academy. Because she went back in time on her own, Hichigo was all alone. She had no living family in the present time (or even in her own time), making her an outcast and a loner. The next year Hichigo went to the Ninja Academy with Danix, Sadia, Scornic, Tony, and Ray, though they never noticed her. One day, she became upset after not being able to make any friends, causing an illusion of terror to appear in her mind. Because of this, she hid until she graduated, but she still hid and didn't make much social interaction. When she met Rhizuki, she felt a little better and happier. Some time later, she travels back to the future, only to discover that her adoptive siblings were kidnapped. Scornic, who was experimenting with his Chaos Control and ended up in the future, and Mecha DX offered to help Hichigo and eventually helped her free her siblings. Before they tried to get Hichigo's siblings back home, they were attacked and surrounded by the soulreapers, who kidnapped the wolf siblings for a currently unknown reason. Even though they put up a good fight, Scornic felt light-headed from a loss of a lot of blood from many cuts and wounds. Before the trio was about to be defeated, Danix (who managed to track down Scornic) saved them and took them back to Hichigo's adoptive parents' house. Because of this, Hichigo started falling in love with Danix, and even went back to the present time with him and Scornic. However, she never told Danix about her feelings because she fears that he will reject her.



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