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superluigibrawl (for some pieces in the movie) FireMaster616/DragonFlameKid (for every fight excluding part 1 and a fight in part 5) SeldomBlood (for 1 fight in part 5)

The Darkness Series is a set of movies made by superluigibrawl. Darkness Rising started on January 7, 2012 and ended on January 7, 2014. Darkness Spreading still hasn't started.

Plot Edit

Darkness Rising: Scornic's dimension is in danger when an alternate Scornic comes seeking a fight to the death. Through the help of Scornic's friends, his newfound power, and his determination, he proceeds to take on the alternate Scornic head-on. Scornic loses a friend, but gains a new one in the end.

Darkness Spreading: This movie will be about Scornic traveling through universes to fight a Scornic who is bent on absorbing energy. With the help of Sprite Chronicle's Danix, Mokasu's Warrior's Jerrell and Multiverse Clash's Garunio. Traveling to everyone's universes, will the 4 have a chance to defeat this Scornic? We'll find out now won't we?

Parts Edit

There are 7 parts in total.

Improvements/Changes Edit

As each part went on, different ways of publishing and animating were varied:

  • After Part 1, the director lost his motivation to animate fights. About a year later, DragonFlameKid volunteer to animate for him, and production was carried on.
  • Issues concerning video quality and animated fights brought issues upon saving a part, so some parts are saved in HD while others in normal quality.
  • Text-boxes were made in paint and text was added in paint. After part 3, text-boxes were improved to be bigger and the text was added from Windows Live Movie Maker, so it was easier to read in the videos.

Trivia Edit

  • Every part had an alternate ending except parts 2,4, and the finale.
  • Nega Scornic was supposed to have the jacket Scornic wears in the movie, but due to having less sprites than Scornic's newest look, the switch was made to make Nega Scornic have more fighting sprites.
  • Scornic used every power he had available to him except his Sharingan.
  • Scornic's Neo Power was first introduced in this movie. The plan was to wait until episode 20 of Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice came out to introduce Neo Power but due to superluigibrawl having too much motivation, his efforts were directed into finishing Darkness Rising.
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