Dark Bowser is an antagonist in Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light. He is a DNA clone of Bowser.

History/Backstory Edit

Note: This backstory may connect to Bowser’s Inside Story happening in this Universe.

Dark Bowser was created by the Dark Star as it was absorbing Bowser’s DNA in order to create a replica of Bowser. But since Dark Bowser flows in dark energy. He takes form with red eyes, blue skin and longer hair instead of normally looking like Bowser.

Bowser had to fight him in a battle in order to defeat the Dark Star. Dark Bowser was defeated but didn’t die, he lived on for longer hidden somewhere. Soon enough, he encounters Mario and his gang on Yoshi’s Island.

Personality Edit

Dark Bowser acts like his doppelganger, although he is less cocky and more formal with his words.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Bowsers Abilities: Being a DNA clone of Bowser, he is capable of using attacks that Bowser could also do. Like breathing fire (although it probably would go in the colour of dark blue) and a shell spin attack.

Dark Star: Being created by the Dark Star, he inherits some of its abilities. Like the manipulation of dark energy.

Season 1 Edit

Act I Edit

Dark Bowser makes his first appearance at Yoshi’s Island, which currently at the time was empty, with no citizens to be found, the houses were still around, the Yoshis, however were nowhere to be found. Soon after, he seems to encounter Mario and his team, where he surprise attacks them and initiates in battle. He faces an unsuprising loss, dropping a chaos emerald, before being transported away by Nazo to somewhere.

Trivia Edit

  • As of January 2019, Dark Bowser has only made one appearance in the entire of Season 1
  • He is the only doppelganger of Bowser in Season 1
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