This page is about the clone from Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice. For the character from Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light, see Danix the Hedgehog.

Danix Mason, the Sky Runner, is a major character in the series, being one of the main protagonists in Fire and Ice and the main protagonist of the first chapter of The Years Between; however, he was temporarily an antagonist during the Hunt for Akuma arc in Fire and Ice. Created on the planet Neoxys by Cadmus scientists as a part of Project Gemini, he is a mercenary and Project Gemini's sole surviving clone of the original Danix Mason (Danix the Hedgehog). He is also a former member of the Hero Fan Characters.

Danix Mason
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"Sky Runner" Danix Mason

Also known as

The Mercenary Hedgehog, Project Gemini Clone #22




16 (SCFI), 16-21 (SCTYB), 21 (SCTS)


Hero Fan Characters (formerly), The Organization (temporarily), Cadmus (unwittingly)


The original Danix Mason (genetic template/adoptive brother), Sadia Mason (adoptive sister), Dalia Mason (adoptive sister), Axel Mason (adoptive father), Ursa Mason (mother), Match (artificial id)


Hero Fan Characters, Deker, Nigredo, Kitroun, Ursa, Axel, L.U.N.A.



Appears in

Fire and Ice, The Years Between

Created by

danixdp213 (DanielXsnm)


The Story of the Frozen Sun

History/Background Information

On April 22, 1994, after the product of Project Biju (Kitroun) was sealed into Danix the Hedgehog, Cadmus began working on Project Gemini. Originally, they were going to use Axel Mason's DNA for the project, but since Axel's only blood sample was used on Kitroun, they decided to use Danix's DNA. Although there was only a small amount of DNA in Danix's blood sample, the Cadmus scientists were able to create 50 Danix clones, all of which were being grown at the rate that Danix was growing. However, as years passed, clones kept dying. 16 years into the project and only 4 clones were left. In order to make sure the remaining clones were stabilized, mercenaries were hired to capture Danix the Hedgehog.

On April 22, 2010, while Danix was on his way to a cemetery to visit his parents' graves, the mercenaries ambushed and captured him. After he was taken to the Cadmus labs, the Cadmus scientists placed him in a machine that had a power-dampening field. They then cut off his arms and legs, wanting a lot of his DNA so they can make sure the clones will be stabilized. However, despite giving them more of Danix's DNA, along with some of Ursa's DNA, 3 of the clones died and only 1 survived. The Cadmus scientists then used one of their inventions to transfer Danix's powers and abilities, along with Kitroun, into the clone. They also programmed Danix's memories and skills, along with a virus known as Project Reaper, into the clone; before they could program code words (which would have been used to control the clone), Kitroun possessed the clone's body and began destroying the labs and killing everyone, while some of them sent some of their projects to an unknown location. After the clone woke up, Kitroun informed him on everything that happened and that he's a clone. At first, the clone was shocked, but later he decided that he wanted to find the original Danix and started using his name. When he began his search, he looked in Neoxys, but couldn't find anyone that knew about Cadmus except for the mercenaries that were hired by them. He then realized that heroes couldn't get much information, compared to anti-heroes. In order to get information on Cadmus, Danix had to gain the trust of certain informants, but the only way to do that was to have a reputation as a feared, well-known mercenary and take whatever job or mission they gave him. In order to make sure that he didn't hesitate in completing these missions, Danix seeked help from Deadpool. 

Deadpool taught him everything about being a mercenary and eventually Danix adopted his personality since he felt it could help him deal with the guilt of killing people. Shortly after meeting Deadpool, Danix made a deal with the devil (Mephisto) so the devil can take away his anger and sadness, making it easier for him to feel no remorse for those that he was about to kill. In return, the devil gave Danix immortality, the ability to see through every form of deception and possession, and the ability to sense anyone's emotions. The deal was maintained until June 20, 2010. Danix felt empty without those emotions and the abilities made him feel worse. In order to break the deal, he had to give back those abilities, along with his Chaos powers. Even though he had his anger and sadness back, Danix was still able to keep up his facade, making everyone he knows either annoyed by him or hate him. 

While he was looking for info on Cadmus, Danix decided to train to improve his ninjutsu and taijutsu, along with learning to control Kitroun's power. During a training session, Danix unleashed too much of Kitroun's chakra, transforming him into a miniature version of the Nine-Tailed Fox, with all 9 tails unleashed. Before passing out, Danix tried suppressing all of the chakra, resulting in an explosion. When Danix woke up, he found that his appearance has been changed drastically. His body became faster and stronger, but all of his equipment and clothes (his vest and shoes) were completely destroyed, forcing him to get new clothes. Despite spending time training and learning new skills, he's been searching for the original Danix for 2 months, but he still has no lead on the Cadmus experiments' location and is forced to continue pretending to be the original Danix.


Although he's a clone of the original Danix, Danix looks slightly different, such as having dark red eyes instead of red eyes. Early in June 2010, Danix wore a dark red vest with black eyes that slightly resemble the eyes of Deadpool's mask. He also wears red fingerless gloves, a teleporter belt with Deadpool's logo on it, and a headband that's dark red with black metal. His quills were more spread out and he had 3 bangs that hung over the headband.

From June 20, 2010 to January 2011, Danix had five quills that were tangled with each other and 2 bangs, all of which have dark red highlights. His current outfit also resembles Naruto's Shippuden outfit, but he still has the same shoes, belt, and fingerless gloves, though he wears a dark red sleeveless shirt under the jacket. He also wears his headband around his neck, due to his quills making it hard to tie the headband around his forehead.

Around January 2011 and during his training with Wendy and Carla, Danix's skin had gotten slightly darker due to having fallen asleep in the Worth Woodsea at one point. He also occasionally leaves his jacket off and wears a black sleeveless shirt. Later, and as of July 9, 2011, Danix's belt had been damaged, but had gotten repaired and currently looks smaller and has no "buckle."

On July 12, 2013, Danix's quills became separated, showing that he has six outer quills (three on each side of his head) and two quills between them. As of late 2013, Danix wears a dark red sleeveless hoodie over a black sleeveless shirt, black pants, the same dark red fingerless gloves, and red and dark grey shoes.


Initially, whenever he was around people, Danix acted in a manner similar to Deadpool: he never stopped talking, he constantly broke the fourth wall, and he took jobs from anybody, whether they were good or evil. He also had a habit of shooting his friends for no apparent reason, though this has only been shown on few occasions. He has tried getting along with various heroes and villains, though they usually end up hating him or just being annoyed by him.

However, the truth is Danix has felt somber and guilty for not finding the original Danix, along with the fact that he has to continue ruining the original Danix's life just to get information on where he might be, despite there being no guarantee that the original Danix is alive. Danix also felt that his decisions were made because he didn't have any other choice, an example being that he has to get rid of his crush on Darcey because he knows that she will never like him back.

This had made Danix feel that, because of what he is and what he has done, he didn't deserve happiness. However, after meeting his parents, being accepted as one of their children, and Ursa being able to stay with him until he dies, Danix finally became happy and less guilty of his actions. He also started to make jokes and breaking the fourth wall despite not being around anyone besides Ursa and Kitroun, showing that his mercenary personality isn't completely fake. Humor is also Danix's way of coping with depressing and stressful situations.

Eventually, his guilt was replaced by an identity crisis. Danix had started questioning what kind of person he is (in terms of morality) or what kind of person he should be. According to Carla, this stems from the fact that Danix initially wanted to be more like the original Danix so he would be more accepted by those who knew the original Danix; although his friends seemed to have accepted Danix after he told them the truth, both Carla and Danix felt that his friends only accepted him due to wanting assurance that Danix would be remain motivated to search for the original Danix, a fact that Danix seems to be uncomfortable thinking about. This, along with being assigned by Sans to befriend most of the monsters in the Underground (a task that Danix had enjoyed doing), has made Danix decide to become a better person for his own sake instead of anyone else's. He then decides that he wants to protect those he cares about and any innocent bystanders (if possible), though he will still be a mercenary and will only kill those who cannot be redeemed for their actions or crimes.

Danix also holds contempt for everyone, including Sadia and Dalia, who stopped helping him look for the original Danix due to them believing that, because they have searched for four years and found no evidence of the original Danix, he is lying about the original Danix being alive. This had led to a falling out between them and Danix, who had severed all contact with them shortly after the falling out.


Note: Most of Danix's powers and abilities, along with weakness and transformations, were transferred into him from the original Danix. Also, most names and descriptions are from the Superpower Wiki.


  • Enhanced Strength: During Fire and Ice, Danix can lift up to about 500 pounds (1,000 pounds when applying chakra to arms and legs). This was enough for him to be used to carrying 100-pound weights on his arms and legs. As of The Years Between, Danix can lift up to 1,000 pounds without applying chakra or using a transformation.
    • Heavy Strike: Danix is able to increase the effects of his strikes by moving and gaining momentum.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Danix's healing factor allows him to heal damaged or destroyed body tissue and regenerate lost limbs at a rapid pace. It also grants him the powers listed below.
    • Accelerating Regeneration: Danix can increase the speed of his healing factor each time he is wounded.
    • Mitosis Manipulation: Danix can manipulate mitosis, the division and replication of cells in himself, allowing him to speed up, slow down, concentrate, make efficient, halt, and reverse mitosis.
    • Contaminant Immunity: Danix is immune to some, if not all, known poisons, toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, allergen, etc.
    • Enhanced Health: Danix possesses a physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and sexual health beyond the max health of his species. He has every part in and of his body, external and internal, at first-rate health, and is devoid of any disorders, diseases, disabilities, etc. He can consume mass quantities of food while still maintaining his physique, and has the perfect well-being, recovery rate, and immune system.
    • Enhanced Condition: Because of his healing factor, Danix is able to physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days until fatigue begins to impair him.
    • Psychic Shield: Danix's brain cells are perpetually dying and regenerating in equilibrium, rendering him nearly invulnerable to psychic and telepathic powers.
  • Gum-Gum Devil Fruit (Elasticity): Because of the Gum-Gum Fruit, Danix's body became rubber-like, allowing him to stretch any part of his body and increase the strength of certain attacks. However, he has a limit to how far he can stretch and he can only stretch by using kinetic force (i.e. punching and kicking). Having a rubber-like body has also given Danix the powers listed below.
    • Rubber Mimicry: Danix's physical body is made up of rubber.
    • Enhanced Durability: Danix is able to endure/resist physical attacks. He can take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before feeling the effects.
    • Impact Immunity: Danix is immune to impact forces, no matter how powerful they are. He cannot be injured by falls from great heights, being crushed by debris, strikes from extremely powerful opponents, etc.
    • Elastic Combat: Danix is able to utilize elasticity with his physical combat.
    • Limb Expansion: Danix can expand his limbs (arms, legs, neck, etc.) to great sizes, allowing for increased reach and damage.
    • Electrical Immunity: Danix is immune to electricity, being completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects.
    • Bulletproof Durability: Danix is immune to bullets and gunfire.
  • Aerokinesis: Danix can create, shape, and manipulate air.
    • Aerokinectic Combat: Danix is able to utilize air manipulation with his physical combat, granting both high maneuverability and elemental attacks.
    • Air Running: Danix can run on the air, treating it like a solid matter. He can run and move across the air as if he was running on the ground, giving him greater maneuverability in his environment.
  • Water Walking: Using chakra, Danix can walk or run on the surface of water by literally defying the surface tension and can move across the surface of water as easily as he would be able to move on land.
  • Aura Generation: Danix can generate his aura within himself and around him.
  • Aura Detection: Danix can sense the presence of auras in his vicinity.
    • Aura Reading: Danix can see the auras of anyone and any other living thing.
  • Energy Beam Emission: Using aura, Danix can project concentrated beams of energy for a destructive amount of damage.
  • Friction Generation: Danix can generate friction.
  • Momentum Charge: Danix can build up momentum to charge a powerful physical attack, with the combination of the his speed and mass turning the attack into a devastating strike.
  • Haki (Ambition Manipulation): Danix can manipulate energy formed from his ambitious strength and willpower.
    • Observation Haki (Danger Intuition/Attack Prediction): Enables Danix to sense the presence of others and even predict an opponent's moves, making attacks much easier to evade. However, Danix can only predict moves that are purposefully aimed at him.
    • Armament Haki (Force Armor Generation/Defense Break): Can be channeled throughout Danix's body to act as an armor, increase the strength of his attacks, and also enable him to strike the real body of users with elemental intangibility.
  • Dimensional Travel: Danix's teleporter belt enables him to travel between different dimensions and universes, allowing him to cross over different planes of existence and travel across various forms of reality.
  • Unpredictability: Danix possesses a completely unpredictable nature.
  • Annoyance Inducement: Danix can induce a state of annoyance in others, ranging from annoying, distracting, enraging, (literally) maddening, etc. Danix is able to drive his opponents to levels off distraction where they are easy to defeat, or surrender simply to get away the user. Some may even opt to suicide.


  • Immortality: For a short time, Mephisto had given Danix the power to never age and recover from almost any injury. Mephisto later removed this power from Danix after Danix ended their deal.
  • Illusion Awareness: For a short time, Mephisto had given Danix the power to be aware if his surroundings are false. Mephisto later removed this power from Danix after Danix ended their deal.


  • Supernatural Endurance: Danix can endure physical stress better than what is naturally possible for his species, making him immensely durable/work longer/survive without supplies, resources, energy, or other items for an extended amount of time.
  • Enhanced Speed: During Fire and Ice, Danix can run at speeds of around 384 miles per hour (half of the speed of sound). By sending chakra into his legs or using Second Gear, Danix can increase his speed to 2 or 3 times faster than his regular speed, up to the point where he can catch up to Scornic. As of The Years Between, Danix can now run at the speed of sound (about 768 miles per hour), which can be tripled when using Second Gear.
  • Enhanced Agility: Danix's agility, balance, and bodily coordination is enhanced to the point where they are beyond natural physical limits.
  • Enhanced Combat: Danix has extensive fighting skills without the need of special training.
  • Enhanced Marksmanship: Danix can achieve complete and utter accuracy on distant targets.
  • Blood Pressure Manipulation: Danix has complete control over his blood flow, allowing him to enhance his own strength and speed via increased oxygen and nutrient transferal.
  • Tactical Analysis: Danix can create strategies and plans several steps ahead of the opponent, seeming like he can see into the future. Although, many people forget about this due to his unpredictability.
  • 4th Wall Awareness: Danix is aware that his Universe is false. Through this, he is able to carry out acts that, within the Universe, would otherwise be impossible.
  • Indomitable Will: Danix has unnaturally strong willpower, enabling him to be immune to all forms of temptation.
  • Strong Heart: Danix possesses a very potent heart both spiritually and physically, letting him survive most heart diseases. His heart also possesses a grand form of power, allowing him to survive most forms of corruption or whatever seeks to harm it.
  • Self-Power Immunity: Danix is immune to all aspects of his own powers.
  • Airborne Attacks: Danix can send his attacks inside/through the sky to hit from an unsuspecting angle. The attacks are projectiles that are aiming for their targets.
  • Aura Manipulation: Danix can manipulate the etheric phenomenon (Aura) that revolves around a person or object.
  • Chakra Manipulation (Life-Force Manipulation): Danix is able to create, shape, and manipulate life-force (chakra). He is also able to shape and manipulate Kitroun's chakra.
    • Life-Force Attacks: Danix can release/use life-force to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, along with projecting it or using it as a part of melee attacks.
    • Life-Force Ball Projection: Danix can create and project balls of life energy.
  • Energy Detection: Danix can sense the presence of energy in his vicinity.
  • Aeroportation: Danix can teleport via air, merging into air and appearing anywhere else from the same element. The stronger the wind is, the farther Danix will go.
  • Explosive Fire Manipulation: Danix can briefly control fire that explodes.
  • Fire Infusion: Danix can briefly infuse fire into his own being.


  • Chaos Energy Manipulation: When using at least one Chaos Emerald, Danix was able to create, shape, and manipulate the energy of the primordial Chaos in varying ways, allowing things such as energy projection, using the energy for various supernatural feats, to inducing effects of chaos, etc. However, in order to cancel his deal with Mephisto, Danix had allowed Mephisto to remove this ability from him.
  • Emotion Detection: For a short time, Mephisto had given Danix the power to sense the presence of emotions in his vicinity. Mephisto later removed this power from Danix after Danix ended their deal.
  • Teleportation: Danix's teleporter belt once allowed him to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. However, it no longer has this function due to getting damaged during training.


  • Sea Water: Because he ate a Devil Fruit, Danix can't swim in bodies of sea water, such as oceans. His Gum-Gum powers also weaken when he is in sea water.
  • Annoyance Inducement: Danix's nature of annoying others has proven to make him a very irritating person to be around. Because many people are at wits' end around him, it is difficult for Danix to cooperate with others in team efforts.
  • Cellular Disintegration: Danix's body cannot heal itself if its cells are completely dissolved to the point of no longer existing.


  • Project Reaper: For the purpose of keeping Match under control, Cadmus programmed a virus into Danix. This virus cannot be blocked by Danix's healing factor, making it the only "disease" to do so. Because Kitroun took over Danix's body while he was being programmed, the virus became activated and was slowly killing Danix. On April 22, 2015, Project Reaper had brought Danix to the brink of death. However, it was destroyed by the combined efforts of Wendy Marvell's healing magic and Kitroun's chakra.


  • Nine-Tailed: Danix has activated this form due to overexerting Kitroun's chakra. His appearance is similar to the original Danix's Four Tailed form, except with nine tails. Not much is known about this form since it only appeared briefly. Danix gets out of this form by suppressing the chakra, resulting in a explosion that changed Danix's appearance. Danix has only used this form once, shortly before Mephiles and Darkon infiltrated Peach's castle.
  • Second Gear: During Fire and Ice, this form was activated when Danix uses his legs to pump blood into his body, manipulating his blood pressure in the process. The only significant change to Danix's appearance is that his skin is turned pink. While his sweat is evaporating into steam, the speed of Danix and his Gum-Gum attacks increase. Danix turns back to normal after a short time, depending on how much food he had consumed before transforming. Although it was mentioned during his fight with Nigredo, Danix first used this form against Past Danix from the alternate timeline.
  • Third Gear: By biting into his bones and blowing air into his bones (which inflates them), Danix can expand his limbs to gigantic proportions, which greatly increases the strength of his Gum-Gum attacks. In Fire and Ice, ending the transformation caused his body to shrink, making him appear as a little kid. This downside was only temporary, lasting as long as the same amount of time Danix spent using Third Gear. However, after completing his training in The Years Between, Danix no longer has this downside. Danix first used this form against Past Danix from the alternate timeline.
  • Chakra Mode: By using Kitroun's chakra, Danix's body is covered in gold chakra with red markings tracing his limbs; his eyes also turn into the same shade of red as the markings. This form increases his strength and speed, along with the power of his ninjutsu. However, because he hasn't practiced using it, he is currently unable to use its full potential. Although he had used this form shortly after meeting his parents, Danix first used it in battle against Scornic.
  • Tailed Beast Mode: By using much more of Kitroun's chakra, Danix's body is covered in gold chakra and a coat created by this chakra, with both having orange markings on them. Also, Danix's eyes turn orange and his quills become elevated. Like Chakra Mode, this form increases his strength and speed, along with the power of his ninjutsu. This boost is twice more than the boost from Chakra Mode, rendering Chakra Mode obsolete. Danix first used this form when he trained with Killer Bee.



Danix wears a belt that was able to teleport him to any location and any dimension. However, during Training Days, the belt had gotten damaged. Despite having been repaired, it has lost the function of teleporting Danix within the same dimension, though it can still teleport him to different dimensions. He used to have special capsule carriers on his belt, which had held food, books, clothes, and all of Danix's weapons. Unfortunately, all of these capsules (except the one that is used for Danix's clothes) have been destroyed when Danix's belt was damaged.


In June 2010, Danix had pistols, swords, and kunai, all of which were stored in his capsules. These capsules could be activated quickly, allowing Danix to summon his weapons in an instant. However, as mentioned in the above section, the capsules that held Danix's weapons have been destroyed when his belt was damaged during Training Days.



Unlike the original Danix, Danix and Kitroun get along well, being as close as brothers. Kitroun often talks with Danix whenever Danix is alone, offering advice on some of Danix's decisions and showing concern if he was doing something reckless. He also helps Danix think out certain problems and even joins him on talking about random topics, such as Garunio's outfit. There are also times where they argue, though the reasons are usually not serious. Kitroun cares about Danix's well-being, to the point where he provided help in getting rid of Project Reaper when it brought Danix to the brink of death.


The original Danix Mason (Danix the Hedgehog)

Although they have yet to meet, Danix wants to find the original Danix (his genetic template) and had even adopted the original's life and identity in hopes that it would help him create his mercenary reputation so he can get information on the original's location. Originally, Danix felt that he has stolen the original's life and identity and wanted to find the original so Danix can give them back to him. However, after realizing that he has gained his own life and identity, along with his own reputation, Danix decided to find the original Danix so the original can go back to his friends and family. He also wants to find the original to relieve the guilt of being the reason why the original was captured.

Sadia Mason

Originally, Sadia would always threaten Danix whenever he's being annoying. However, after Danix told her the truth about him, she only threatens him when they're around their friends in order to help keep up his façade; on rare occasions, she does get angry when Danix involves her with something she never agreed on, such as having her and Dalia taking half of the fan characters home. Despite this, they were on good terms and acted as adoptive siblings.

However, this ended when she (along with Dalia and their friends) helped Danix search for the original Danix. After finding no evidence of where the original Danix was located, Sadia and the others believed that Danix was lying to them. This led to a falling out between the group and Danix, to the point where Sadia admits that she is glad that Danix isn't her brother and never will be.

While on the brink of death and being cured of Project Reaper, Danix finds Sadia (whom he hasn't spoken to since the falling out) in the afterlife. Because of the falling out, Danix acts passive-aggressive towards Sadia despite her apology for her behavior. Although he accepts the apology, he states that he will never forgive her. Despite showing slight concern about why she's dead, he isn't bothered by the fact that she was killed by someone who was looking for him, proving that he now cares little about her.

Dalia Mason

Originally, Dalia was one of the few who weren't annoyed by Danix being annoying. However, after he told her the truth about him, Dalia felt sympathetic for how he chose to let people see him as being annoying. Despite this, she still treats him as an adoptive sibling and isn't affected by his antics.

However, this ended when she (along with Sadia and their friends) helped Danix search for the original Danix. After finding no evidence of where the original Danix was located, Dalia and the others believed that Danix was lying to them. This led to a falling out between the group and Danix.

While in the afterlife (after she and Sadia were killed by someone looking for Danix), Sadia mentions that Dalia regrets how she acted toward Danix in the falling out and apologizes for Dalia since Dalia wasn't there. Although he accepts the apology, Danix states that he will never forgive Dalia.

Axel Mason

When Danix met Axel, along with Ursa, he was still feeling guilty about his actions and tearfully apologized to them. Axel told him that they were proud of him for trying to do the right thing and even accepted him as an adoptive son. He also told Danix where to find his scrolls for aura techniques and fuinjutsu (both of which Danix promised to look at after his mission is finished) and wished him luck on finding the original Danix.

Ursa Mason

When Danix felt that he didn't deserve happiness, Ursa told him that he did and, shortly after, brought him to where she and Axel were. Danix still felt guilty for his actions and hugged Ursa while crying and apologizing for what's he done. Ursa hugs him back and assures him that she and Axel don't blame him for anything and even accepted him as their son. Danix was also happy when he learned that Ursa will stay with him, allowing him to spend time with his mother. After Nigredo tells Danix that Ursa's DNA was used to stabilize Danix's and keep him alive, both Danix and Ursa realized that they were biologically mother and son, much to their joy. Since then, Ursa usually participates in Danix and Kitroun's conversations and occasionally participates in Danix's gags. She also shows and expresses concern for him whenever he gets into dangerous situations.


Match was Danix's "inner darkness" and he was also the other "head voice", doing so because he didn't have anything else to do. He is an alternate personality programmed into Danix to act as a cold-blooded killer under the control of Cadmus, though this programming was incomplete and inactive due to Kitroun taking over Danix's body at the time. Although Match and Danix were at odds, Danix realized that both of them have Danix's memories, though Match had the negative ones. After discussing this and realizing that they both want to help the original Danix, Match agreed to disappear and leave Danix alone, telling Danix to make sure he (Match) doesn't regret his decision.


Scornic Harper

Unlike the original Danix, Danix and Scornic's relationship is more strained due to Danix constantly annoying Scornic. After Danix reveals the truth to Scornic, they get into an argument, but in the end, Scornic forgives him and even offers to help him look for the original Danix. Since then, the two have been on good terms, though Scornic still gets annoyed by Danix because of his gags and breaking the fourth wall (which Scornic sees as Danix talking to himself or to a nonexistent person).

Jerrell Reid

Jerrell is one of the few people who aren't bothered much by Danix being annoying and is shown to get along with him similarly to how he got along with the original Danix. When Danix told Jerrell about being a clone, Jerrell still accepted him as a friend and even offered to help look for the original Danix despite having to train with Deker.

Darcey the Black Rose

When they first met, Danix immediately started hitting on her, though she was annoyed by him doing that. He later apologized to Darcey and even implied that he gave up on her since "there's no point in liking someone that will never like you back", leaving her somewhat speechless. However, he still has a crush on her and doesn't want to get rid of it, even though he feels that he has to since she doesn't appear to reciprocate his feelings. After Sadia and Dalia tell her the truth about Danix, Darcey talks to him and convinces him that he needs to relax and take his time in finding the original Danix. After this talk, they decide to become friends, though Danix doesn't want to tell her about his virus. When leaving Peach's castle, they parted on good terms and even agreed to try to hang out whenever they can.

Nigredo Black

Danix was hired by Nazo to kill Nigredo, who was repairing his cloning machine. The result was that, not only was Nigredo's lab destroyed, but the cloning machine ended up copying Danix's DNA and transferring it into Nigredo, making him look exactly like Danix. Because of this, Nigredo hated Danix and even wanted to kill him, though he failed and ended up having his copied DNA damaged, courtesy of Danix's Rasen Shuriken attack. Although Nigredo hates him, Danix doesn't seem to mind.

As days went on, Nigredo's hatred for Danix seemed to have lessened, to the point where, instead of using threats, Nigredo just tells Danix to go away whenever he annoys Nigredo. However, after Danix gives Nigredo a proposition (which entails that, in exchange for helping Danix search all the Cadmus facilities for the original Danix and then destroy them, Nigredo can keep anything, such as technology, that they find), Nigredo agrees to help him and so the two are currently working together.

During their partnership, Danix made Nigredo go to medical school and even had one of Nigredo's Shadow Clones learn how to use Haki. Despite Danix actually improving Nigredo's repertoire of skills, Nigredo gets easily annoyed by him, especially when it comes to Danix's lack of knowledge about advanced technology. This often leads to Nigredo arguing with him whenever he mentions how he "helped" Nigredo build something.

Deker Tsuki

Having memories of Deker saving the original Danix when he was younger, Danix was happy to see him, though was shocked to learn that, because he has to pay off a debt to Uramasa, Deker must kill him, along with Scornic and Jerrell sometime in the future. Despite knowing that Deker will be forced to kill him later on, Danix holds no ill-will towards him and still treats him as a friend.


Having been partly created by Danix, L.U.N.A. shows utmost respect for him and obeys his orders. She had also admitted that she liked Danix much more than Nigredo due to Danix giving her more respect and being "much less monotonous" to be around.



Danix has mentioned how Deadpool taught him the fundamentals of being a mercenary. Deadpool is also the one who inspired Danix's humorous behavior. When they met again for Ursa's training with Death, Deadpool proudly calls Danix his "former apprentice" and, after forgetting to meet up with Danix's Shadow Clone, decided to do some missions with him until Ursa's training was finished.


When he started training one of Danix's Shadow Clones, Lucario was quickly annoyed by his behavior. However, by the time Danix's training with him was complete, Lucario admitted that Danix exceeded his expectations and parted with him on good terms. Despite this, Danix disliked training with him due to the breaks and meals Lucario forced him to skip.

Killer Bee

Although it has not been mentioned nor shown much, Danix and Killer Bee were on good terms, with Danix even going along with Bee's rapping (to Kitroun's dismay) when their training began.

"Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh

Rayleigh's method of training Danix's (and Nigredo's) Shadow Clones was to beat them up until they activated their Haki. Despite this, Danix didn't show much dislike for it, at least compared to Nigredo. Because their training took longer than expected, Rayleigh states that they were the worst students he'd ever taught, though he is glad that they actually learned how to use Haki and parted with them on good terms.


When they first met, Danix thought that Sans was a lazy skeleton who loved puns. However, Sans has helped Danix figure out his morals and goals in life, along with providing him training to improve his reaction time. By the end of training, Danix and Sans parted on good terms, with Danix agreeing to visit him and the other monsters of the Underground once the resets stop.

Wendy Marvell and Carla

Having spent the most of the timeskip training with them, Danix enjoyed being with Wendy and Carla and even spent time with them on casual activities such as watching a movie. Initially, Carla was suspicious of Danix due to not knowing much about him, though after he revealed his background to her and Wendy, Carla decided that Danix was a good person and even helped him with his problems of morality and trusting the original Danix's friends. Wendy also helped Danix whenever he had issues with learning magic and usually agreed to do whatever fun activities he suggested, such as the montage. She also helped Kitroun get rid of Danix's virus when it brought Danix to the brink of death. When their training ended, Danix admitted that Wendy is his favorite mentor and agreed to visit her and Carla later on, parting with them on good terms.


Danix the Hedgehog (Past, Alternate Timeline)

While looking for broken pieces of 2 Shines, Danix met the original Danix in the past. Initially, Past Danix didn't believe that the clone was him, which turned out to be true after Danix told him the truth. Past Danix was mad at the clone for ruining his life and claims that he will never trust him. Past Danix then yelled at Danix and told him to go away, discouraging Danix from telling his friends the truth because he feared that their reactions will be as negative as Past Danix's. However, Past Danix did show some concern by thinking about how much stress the clone goes through while looking for him.


Prior to meeting Danix, Flowey had been observing his training and, when they did meet, mocked him for thinking that he can change. Despite this, Danix was unfazed by Flowey's behavior and even warned him to stay away from Sans, who remembered him after seeing him talking to Papyrus. Danix also felt regret for being unable to find a way to save Flowey. This was put to the test when Flowey had reset the timeline after Danix left to get his virus cured. Because the timeline had reset, all of the monsters except Sans (who remembered Danix by studying the notes and photo he kept in his workshop), leading Danix to confronting Flowey. Although he considered killing Flowey for basically taking away a lot of his friends, Danix ultimately decided to spare Flowey due to knowing Flowey's true identity. Despite not forgiving Flowey, Danix hopes that someone will be able to save him.

Fire and Ice

Fire/Ice Origins Arc

June 16, 2010

On Peach's courtyard, Danix apologizes to Sadia for teleporting their friends (besides Scornic, Jerrell, Dalia, Flaric, Masterells, Digikoopa, High Volts, FIR, Jordan, his Bulbasaur, Frostxforest, and Small Fry) to other locations for the sake of subplots and keeping the viewers entertained and suggests asking Mario and Sonic to help them find their friends. After Sadia threatens him to behave and mentions having cut his head off five times before, Mario, Sonic, Luigi, and Shadow arrive at the courtyard. To the group's dismay, Mario and the others don't recognize them despite the group having helped them in Darkness and Light, though it doesn't stop Sadia from asking if they can talk to them inside the castle.

Later, in one of the castle's rooms, Danix, along with Scornic, Jerrell, High Volts and FIR, are talking to Mario, Luigi, Knuckles, and Sonic, the latter warning them of Shadow's dislike towards fan characters. Danix and his friends then introduce themselves and talk about their occupations.

Dream Land Arc

June 17, 2010

In Peach's throne room, Peach and Tails assign Danix, Scornic, Sadia, Jerrell, Digikoopa, and Jordan to locate the Ice Shine in Dream Land and look for two fan characters who look like King Dedede and Meta Knight. The team asks Peach and Tails why they're the only ones going and Peach and Tails explain that everyone else is busy doing something else. After Tails gives them the Ice Shine tracker and mentions how the Ice Shine is possibly in the possession of someone else, the team teleports out of the throne room.

Later, the team arrives at Dream Land and comments on the area and potential enemies. Sadia suggests that they search for the Ice Shine first, but Danix believes that it could be a trap set by a member of the Organization. He suggests that they go to the Ice Shine's location while he follows them and hides so they can ambush the Organization member. When asked why he gets to do that, Danix mentions how he's the only one willing to kill anyone and then urges them to hurry up since he has other things to do.

While the team meets Aaron and Jordan runs after them, Danix is in another area arguing with his "head voices" about Wario and Waluigi's relationship. One of the head voices remind Danix that he was supposed to follow the team. Danix proceeds to do so, but mentions how they'll resolve their argument when he returns to the castle.

After the team (sans Jordan) find Queen Dedede, who has revealed that Aaron hid the Ice Shine nearby, Danix interrupts by shooting Queen Dedede. Sadia shoots him in return and Jerrell tells Queen Dedede to tell them the Ice Shine's location or else they will let Danix kill her. Queen Dedede agrees to tell them and Danix asks if he can still kill Queen Dedede, which results in Sadia shooting him again.

While on the way to the Ice Shine, Danix separates from the group to head toward a mountain, where he chased a "giant bird" (Dyna Blade) and killed five Waddle Dees and a "tree that kept dropping apples on him" (Whispy Woods). Danix later goes to the Ice Shine's location and meets up with Sadia and Scornic, along with finding DX, Dairo, and Tsunami. The group decides to return to Peach's castle, though Danix mentions he will be staying in Dream Land a little longer so he can kill the "sleeping creatures that turn Kirby into Sleep Kirby" (Noddies).

After returning to the castle, the group (sans Jerrell, Tsunami, Jordan, and Aaron) discuss their completed mission with Masterells, Dalia, High Volts, Jordan's Bulbasaur, Flaric, and Frostxforest. Scornic wonders if they have forgotten something and Danix remembers that he didn't kill Queen Dedede. He then wonders if any of the Organization's other members have to look for her.

Hunt for Akuma Arc

June 18, 2010

In the Organization's base, Nazo and Mephiles briefs Danix, whom they have hired to assist them, on his mission, which is hunt down and kill Akuma and retrieve the Fire and Ice Shines he had stolen from them. Danix tells them what he expects them to pay him and wants one of them to come with him so he won't get bored. After being nominated by Nazo and listening to his reasons of why he's not going instead, Mephiles reluctantly agrees to go with Danix.

Later, in a forest, Danix finishes telling a story to Mephiles, who didn't care about it and urges him to locate Akuma. Danix quickly senses Akuma's aura and, after explaining how he senses aura, the aura of eight people being teleported via Chaos Control. Said eight people, who turn out to be Scornic, Flaric, Sadia, Dairo, Tsunami, High Volts, Squall, and Ryu, have appeared behind them. While Mephiles thinks of a plan, Danix asks the group about why they are in the forest and learns that they want to capture Akuma and gets his stolen Shines. Mephiles tells Danix to go after Akuma while he distracts the group. Danix then teleports away.

Danix finds Akuma in another part of the forest, but gets intercepted by Scornic. Danix isn't surprised by this and angers Scornic by explaining how he knew what happened between the group and Mephiles, along with knowing that Scornic ditched his group again. Seeing the animosity between the two, Akuma suggests they fight each other and the winner can fight him. Danix and Scornic agree to this and head toward a nearby stream.

Sometime later at said stream, Danix and Scornic have paused their battle. Scornic tries to persuade Danix to let them get Akuma and the Shines, but Danix refuses on the grounds of not wanting to fail his mission. Danix then forms a Rasengan while Scornic forms a Chidori and the two clash, which mainly affects Scornic and leaves his body sore. Danix mentions how sent two Shadow Clones after Akuma, who had run away from them before their battle had begun. Danix then switches places with one of the Shadow Clones and shoots Akuma.

Danix later returns to Mephiles and protects him by reflecting Jo's Spirit Bomb back at Jo. After the attack sends Jo into a nearby wall, Danix informs Mephiles that he has successfully killed Akuma and retrieved the stolen Shines. The two then teleport out of the forest to return to the Organization's base.

Back at the base, Danix recaps the events of what had happened in the forest. Nazo and Mephiles then tell Danix to leave so they can look for more Shines and Danix leaves shortly afterwards.

Later, Danix returns to Peach's castle in front of the mission's group (sans Squall and Ryu). Sadia is angered by Danix's actions during the mission and Danix mentions that he'll be running away from her while the scene fades to black.

Undiscovered Ties Arc

June 21, 2010

While experimenting with Kitroun's chakra, Danix uses too much of it and gets turned into his Nine-Tailed form. After bantering with his "head voices," he releases the chakra, resulting in an alteration of his appearance. He then goes to Peach's castle.

After arriving at the castle, he meets up with Jerrell, Digikoopa, Sadia, and Dalia at one of the castle's courtyards with the intention of shopping for clothes with Sadia and Dalia. After exchanging comments about his appearance, Sadia teleports herself, Danix, and Dalia out of the courtyard.

Later, the newly clothed trio teleport to the forest near Scornic, Jerrell, Digikoopa, MB, Dark Chaos, and Sergio are at, the latter having been shot by Danix after announcing their presence. Danix explains that they found the group after he tracked their aura. The group then proceeds to explain what happened while the trio was away.

Sometime later, Danix teleports to a random part of the forest and meets John and Darcey. He explains that he was looking for a lake nearby pointed out by members of the group so he can get them water, though Darcey mentions that there wasn't a lake anywhere in the forest. After Darcey and John introduce themselves, Danix briefly flirts with Darcey and agrees to help them by taking them to the group.

Before Nigredo's attack could hit Scornic, Danix teleports in front of Scornic and blocks the attack. Danix convinces Scornic to meet up with the others while he fights Nigredo on his own. After Scornic leaves, Nigredo explains why he looks like Danix and, after seeing Danix ignore him, proceeds to fight him. As the fight goes on, Danix seems to have the upper hand and finishes the battle with his Rasen Shuriken attack, which slightly altered Nigredo's DNA, making Nigredo's appearance change. Danix then watches as Nigredo angrily leaves the area.

Shortly after, Danix teleports to the group and is surprised to see Deker with them. After being asked by Scornic, Danix explains how he and Deker met, along with why he hadn't revealed his last name up until that point. Danix then asks Deker about his long disappearance from Danix's life and Deker explains his situation involving his sword, Uramasa. Deker then leaves after stating that, while he can be considered an ally at the moment, he will eventually have to kill Danix and Scornic, along with Jerrell. After briefly thinking of the possibility of Deker hiding more information, Danix asks the group if they want to get some tacos with him. After Sadia and Scornic scold him for keeping secrets from them, the group decides to look for MB, Sergio, Digikoopa, and Jerrell to get them to a hospital while disregarding Danix's insistence of getting tacos.

Time Affiliations Arc

June 23, 2010

Tests of Strength Arc

June 24, 2010

Revengeance Arc

June 25, 2010

Final Shines Arc

June 25, 2010

June 26, 2010

The Years Between

Training Days


Fire and Ice

  • Danix vs. Scornic (unfinished)
  • Danix vs. Nigredo (won)
  • Danix vs. Past Danix (won)
  • Danix vs. Match (off-screen, unfinished)
  • Danix vs. Scornic (Revengeance Arc) (lost)
  • Danix vs. Past Scorphiles (lost)

The Years Between

  • Danix vs. Sans (won)


  • Danix is one of the only fan characters to be a clone. He is also the only fan character who is a clone of another fan character.
  • Danix is one of the only three fan characters that can break the fourth wall in Fire and Ice.
  • For over half of Fire and Ice, Danix had two voices in his head and he tended to argue with them. Because of the head voices, Danix can never possessed since the voices will give anyone who possesses Danix a major headache. These head voices are later revealed to be Kitroun and Match. Because they were revealed, the "head voice" format is no longer used and now Danix is always shown talking to Kitroun, along with Ursa (who appears as a transparent spirit when talking to him).
  • Danix seems to have a habit of telling random stories of whatever he did as a mercenary; what annoys the other characters is that he tells these stories at the worst possible times. It was later revealed that he inherited this habit from his parents, mostly Ursa.
  • Earlier in Fire and Ice, whenever Danix breaks the fourth wall, one of the characters that's around him will always ask him what he's talking about. In recent episodes, instead of doing that, the other characters ignore and disregard his statements.
  • Danix is the first fan character to have voice clips. It is revealed in Stolen Shines and the Return of Old Allies that Danix's voice sounds like Deadpool's (voiced by Nolan North). However, according to an annotation, he only sounds like Deadpool when he's not being serious. His serious voice sounds like Red Arrow's (voiced by Crispin Freeman; from Young Justice/Young Justice: Invasion). Occasionally, Danix uses different voice clips for one-time gags.
  • Danix's last name comes from Alex Mason (from the Call of Duty series). He originally didn't use his last name because, from the original Danix's memories, he remembers that his mom didn't want his dad's enemies to find and kill the original Danix. He also didn't find his last name to be "intimidating".
  • Inspiration for Danix being a clone comes from Red Arrow, a character from Young Justice.
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